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My Top Copywriting Tip (For Writers Who Hate Copywriting)

My Top Copywriting Tip (For Writers Who Hate Copywriting)

I’ve yet to meet the copywriter who looks like this guy

Copywriting is writing that sells but…

What if you hate copywriting?

Or you don’t like selling?

Well, copywriting is a useful skill to cultivate if you want to sell your books, products or services.

And what writer doesn’t want to get paid right?

So, my top tip for writers who struggle with copywriting is to save time by using a proven copywriting formula.

Why reinvent the wheel?

If you’ve a new website, use the Problem-Agitate-Solution formula to create a powerful opening on a key sales page.

It’s easy to learn. Let me show you:

  • Problem — introduce a problem the reader is experiencing.
  • Agitate — use emotional language to intensify the problem.
  • Solution — offer a credible solution to their problem.

You can write a line or two for each part of this formula or even expand each section into several paragraphs for your webpage.

It depends on the price of your offer and the type of problem readers or customers (yes, readers can be customers!) are facing.

Here’s a condensed example:


“Do you sometimes struggle to find topics to write about? Or is writer’s block getting you down?”


“When you look at the blank page and try to type nothing comes. You feel frustrated and angry about your lack of progress. How will you ever succeed as a writer when you can’t even produce 100-words?”


“Well don’t worry. Help is here. In this short course, I explain how to always have ideas for topics to write about. I’ve spent years studying how successful writers conquer writer’s block and I want to share their strategies with you. Sign up now.”

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HT to Demian Farnworth for introducing me to this.