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How To Write a Nonfiction Book With Joanna Penn

A few people online have helped me with my creative career either directly or indirectly.

Joanna Penn is one of those people.

I first started listening to the Creative Penn podcast by Joanna Penn in 2014 just before I started Become a Writer Today.

Since I started listening five years ago, Joanna’s show and books have taught me valuable lessons about creativity, self-publishing and writing books that sell.

I’ve admired Joanna’s work for years and I was finally able to interview Joanna for this Become a Writer Today podcast episode.

In this interview, Joanna explains:

* How she approaches writing a nonfiction book
* Why some entrepreneurs rely on ghostwriters for writing a book
* What her creative process for fiction and nonfiction looks like (and why they differ)
* The question every aspiring author should ask before they write their book

And lots more

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Check out her book How to Write Non-Fiction: Turn Your Knowledge Into Words