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I couldn’t write without this tool

Years ago, I worked as a sub-editor for a national newspaper.

A sub-editor’s job is to proof the following day’s newspaper for typos and grammar mistakes and other issues. The sub-editors often printed out news stories and marked up issues with a red pen before fixing them using a desktop publishing app.

It was a slow and painful way to work. It didn’t help that I wasn’t a great sub-editor and often missed obvious mistakes.

Typos and grammar mistakes kept me up at night for years a result. But when I started a blog and got into self-publishing, I discovered pressing publish early and often is more important than worrying about a grammar mistake.

If you press publish more often, you’re more likely to find more readers, land more clients, build a bigger blog or sell more books.

Thankfully, it’s much easier to copyedit a piece of writing today, using the right software.

One tool that helps me press publish is Grammarly.

I’ve used it since 2015. The free version is good, but the premium version has improved a lot since I first became a customer. I particularly like its AI-powered writing assistant which enables me to copy editing and fix sentences at a click.

I regularly commission articles by other writers for content websites that I run. When hiring a writer, I run their work through the plagiarism detector. It’s a nice way of vetting a writer as part of a recruitment process.

I use the plagiarism detector on my writing too. It helps me spot when other sites copy content from this site (worryingly common!) so I can put in a DMCA takedown request. I also use this premium tool on published articles when I want to find a missing link or a citation.

These are some of the ways I use this grammar checker. It’s a key part of my writing and publishing workflow. I couldn’t imagine running a content publishing business without it.

For Cyber Monday week, I’ve partnered up with Grammarly to offer you an exclusive 50% discount… but it’s only available this week.

Usually, it’d cost you $30 per month, so you’re saving $15 per month.

Although you can find other discounts for Grammarly online, this is the best discount available this season. You won’t get this deep discount anywhere else.

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Remember, you can always try Grammarly Premium and cancel if it’s not for you. But the discount goes away this December 4th.

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