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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life With Garrain Jones

In 2011, Garrain Jones was 40 pounds overweight and living out of his car in California. Today, he runs a seven-figure coaching business, has spoken in 32 countries and is about to release his new book *Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life*.

Jones's journey from the backseat of his car to the stage started with studying how successful entrepreneurs spend their day. He was surprised to find they often rise between 04.30 and 06.30.

In this interview, Jones explains:

  • How to Create Your Panda Power Hour
  • What he learnt after studying how successful entrepreneurs operate
  • His process for writing his book Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

And lots more.

I started by asking Jones to tell me about how he got from living out of his car to running a seven figure coaching and speaking business.

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