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Adam Jelic of MiGoals On Creating and Selling a Daily Planner

Over the years, I've tested dozens of digital productivity tools for setting goals and managing to-do lists. Although digital tools are useful, paper-based daily planners are becoming more popular. MiGoals is an example of an Australian company that sells these type of daily planners online. Co-founder Adam Jelic and his team created a series of daily planners and journals to help writers, entrepreneurs and creatives accomplish more each day. A former soccer player, Jelic started his business as a side-hustle in 2010, while working full-time selling photocopiers. Jelic felt motivated by the regarded Australian Football League Player, the late Jim Stynes, who encouraged people to get out of their comfort zone, face their fears, and do things that matter. So Jelic set a goal of leaving his full-time job to work at MiGoals full-time and support his family. But, how did Jelic turn this goal into reality?