About Bryan

Hi 👋,

I'm the author of books like The Power of Creativity, This Is Working and a best-selling series of books for writers.

I’m a senior content manager on an award-winning content team at the British software company Sage. I specialize in topics like copywriting, content marketing and building an online content business. I've also contributed to publications like Forbes, Lifehacker and Fast Company.

I run several content websites with the help of a team of freelance writers. My primary site Become a Writer Today attracts several million visitors each year.

I also host a popular writing podcast where I deconstruct the writing processes of New York Times best-selling authors like James Clear and Daniel Pink.

How My Work Can Help You

I can help you master creative work and build a successful online content business through content marketing. I can also consult with you about topics like online writing, building content websites and content marketing.

Other Interests

I like long-distance running and have completed several marathons. When I’m not training for a race, I enjoy weight-lifting and CrossFit. I’m also a big believer in the power of meditation to overcome personal challenges like depression and anxiety.

Bryan Collins