My name is Bryan Collins, welcome to my personal site👋

I’m a USA Today best-selling author and a former journalist. I’ve also contributed to publications like Forbes, Lifehacker and Fast Company.

I'm fascinated by the creator economy and how all types of creators can earn a living online through writing, publishing and Web 3.0 tools.

I'm also a bit of a nerd about the latest books and tech.

My Personal Writing

For the next few months on my personal site, I'm serializing my latest book I Can't Believe I'm a Dad! right here, for free. It's an experiment.

This book is a piece of narrative non-fiction that I wrote during the lockdown and the most enjoyable creative work I've spent time on in years.

It's not my first book. My previous titles include The Power of Creativity, This Is Working and a best-selling series of books for writers. You can browse or buy these here.

My Business Writing

Since writing my last book, I've become fascinated by web 3.0 and NFTs. So I started a website called the NFT Brief with a team of writers. I also launched a YouTube channel about this same topic.

You can find some articles from that project on this site, but now we publish a weekly newsletter about NFTs too. Start there if you visited to read about NFTs.

What I Do

In 2014, I founded the popular site Become a Writer Today. The team working for this site offers practical writing advice for those new to the craft each week.

I live in Ireland, an hour outside Dublin, with my wife and three kids.